Redefining Dealership Management

Manage Automobile business challenges such as productivity, scalability, costs and business growth with a trusted partner.
Welcome to Infotronicx Automobile Solutions.Dupat-Abis is a complete web-based/online automobile dealer management and business information system offering crystal clear vision of the dealership business. A cost-efficient, comprehensive ERP solution that helps companies in the auto dealership segment acquire complete operational control; understand, track, and meet market requirements and efficiently manage workshop activities. Its integrated tool suite helps firms control and meet sales targets and enhance customer satisfaction. This dynamic, multi-currency and multi-company solution delivers significant business benefits through key modules.We are bridging the DMS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Scale to Support Growth

Use technology to scale and increase efficiency, open new markets, serve customers,increase efficiency and for new product and service development.

Reduce Costs

Significantly lower the costs of infrastructure, professionals and services, and ongoing human resource requirements to run and maintain an insurance business.

One Stop Solution for Your Entire Business

Dupat-Abis delivers accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and e-commerce in a single, integrated business management software solution for Automobile Insurance Business.

Drive Business Decisions

Built-in, real-time financial dashboards, reporting and analytic providing a complete summary and detailed views of finance, sales , support and service performance.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Because Dupat-Abis supports multiple redundant sites, it provides business continuity and disaster recovery.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Access financial and customer data from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Inquiry & Follow-up

  • Inquiry type (like walk in, marketing, road show)
  • Inquiry status (like cold, hot)
  • Source (like ads, reference, tale-calling)
  • Ratings (good, bad)
  • Demographic details
  • Interested model & color
  • Record inquiries & Prompt follow up
  • Quotation generation
  • Record follow ups with status(revisit/closed/sold)
  • Closed inquiries reasons
  • Reactivating close inquiries

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Sales & Follow-up

  • Complete work-flow(booking to invoice and collection)
  • Bookings of vehicle with advances & Allotment vehicles.
  • Deliveries with documents like gate pass, form 21 etc.
  • Delivery returns for rejected or damaged vehicles
  • Invoices-direct to customer or dealer invoice
  • Sell with hypothecation or hire purchase
  • Multiple collections
  • Prompts, alerts for follow up of receivable
  • Vehicle returns ,Record old sales detail for history
  • Pre & Post sale inspection
  • After sales customer review

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Insurance & Follow-up

  • New insurance entry /Update/delete
  • Insurance followup
  • Insurance complain/claim booking
  • Insurance claim settlement
  • Insurance executive commission report
  • Insurance company wise business /margin report
  • Daily /monthly/yearly insurance business report
  • Daily/monthly/yearly insurance expiry report
  • Insurance business loss report due to non-renewal
  • Post insurance sale survey / follow-up
  • Automatic email/SMS reminders to customer

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Service & Follow-up

  • Service Booking & follow-ups /Service appointment
  • Workshop management / Job card opening
  • Spare allocation against job card
  • Job estimates for damage vehicles (for insurance)
  • Service invoice/Gate passes/Annual maintenance contract
  • Billing & next service reminders
  • Service bays and bay availability
  • Define standard jobs
  • Define service type with default jobs & spare for a service
  • Define fault codes for spares per manufacture
  • Define service team and its hierarchy with works managers and service advisers
  • Mechanic wise time sheets for service executives productivity

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Purchase & Stock

  • Transfer of vehicles to branch
  • Transfer of vehicles within branch
  • Automatic stock valuation branch wise
  • Automatic cost calculation
  • Transfer of vehicles to sub dealer or dealer
  • Pending vehicle deliveries / Dealer invoiceDefine vehicle, inventory items, accessory (by manufacture)
  • Location wise reorder levels
  • Inter and intro-branch transfers of vehicles and spares with valuation


  • Bar-code / RFID tagging

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MIS / Reports & Charts

  • More then 500 reports shows dealership data of inquiry , sales , insurance, service,stock in well managed formats.
  • More then 100 reports represent customer care and call center activities.
  • More then 100 reports enlighten employee , sales executives , insurance executives , service executives and others performance and targets completion in different formats
  • More then 50 strategic reports shows company’s business analytic of different departments like sales , service , customer care and finance.
  • Customize reports as per your needs

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Call center management

  • Create campaigns
  • Email , SMS and tele calling on campaigns
  • Campaign wise inquiry generation
  • Post sale / post insurance and post service customer review
  • Customer complains booking , transfer to concern department & follow-up up to complain closed.
  • Customer retention analysis
  • Customer life cycle analysis
Customer loyalty / Privilege schemes

  • Create loyalty / privilege schemes
  • Issue loyalty cards
  • Add points on new purchase / service and reference
  • Issue gifts on certain point collections
Integrated Document management system

  • Document upload facility
  • Secure download policy
  • Online document viewing
  • Secure document transfer facility
  • Automatic Document indexing for easy and fast searching
  • Paperless office environment
  • Collaborative work environment
 What do you get with Infotronicx- ABis? 

  • web based for online system across locations
  • enterprise-wide-seamlessly integrate accounting , payroll, asset management
  • complete functionality for

    • Inquiry & follow up and campaigns management
    • sales & pre/post sales management
    • Service and workshop management
    • Service follow-up and customer care management
    • Insurance , finance & follow-ups management
    • Call center management
    • Vehicle purchase and stock  management
    • Spare purchase / stock management
    • Customer Loyalty schemes management
    • General Purchase management
  • Multiple brand/dealership supported
  • Multiple branch/showrooms/workshop supported
  • Multiple vehicle class supported (i.e. LCV , LMV , Multi-excel)
  • Multiple Platform Supported
  • Web-based / Online

    • Cloud
    • Mobile