We provide Information Technology (IT) consulting, advisory and process management services across a wide spectrum technologies and domains, to help you build agile, value-driven businesses. Our knowledge and expertise will help address key technology and process challenges of your business and maximize your revenue streams.

Market dynamics compel companies to reinvent themselves to meet their business goals and objectives. Today, companies are challenged with developing and implementing growth strategies, effectively transforming business operations, identifying innovative ways of attracting and retaining customers and managing the impact of these changes on the organization.

We provide consulting services to help companies transform their strategies and move quickly from vision to value, resulting in enduring business leadership. Leveraging our technology, industry and offshore experience with several many clients, we help companies drive their business momentum to scale greater heights.  Our core competence is in identifying client needs, understanding complex technology issues, communicating the issues to our clients, and helping them successfully overcome these issues. Over the years, we have helped our clients build agile, value-driven businesses, which highlight our consulting capabilities.

Can be provided consulting services such as ‘Business Consulting’ and ‘Business Analysis’ which supports a systematic information plan development through an assessment of a customer’s information system level, ‘Specialized Professional Consulting’, which suggests a response plan to fast changing management environment issues such as security and environments, and ‘Solution Consulting’, which leads a customer’s business innovations through solutions such as ERPSCM and CRM.

Services Provided


Business Consulting

Biz Consulting
Through an assessment of an enterprise’s information level, will be developed a systematic information plan and strategy and provide the next generation IT integrated management structure which establishes the analysis, structure, and relationship for information technology elements to integrate and manage business processes and information technologies. Also, through the redesign of business processes combined with an enterprise’s information technology, will be provided a service that improves job functions and creates a management success through implementation of a new system.

Professional Specialized Consulting

Integrated Security

As a service that minimizes business risks by protecting corporate information and IT infrastructures safely, we provide security consulting, security NSI (Network and Systems Integration), security services, and security solutions (PC Security, Converged Surveillance).

Integrated Environmental Service

Can be provided environmental and energy consulting, SI (Systems Integration)/Engineering, and IT outsourcing/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to respond to changes in public institutions and operational environments at a corporate level – according to environmental compliances and climate change agreements.

Infotronicx Consulting

ERP (Enterprise Architecture and Planning)
All business processes from HR, sales, procurement, manufacturing and logistics to finance and accounting are re-arranged for optimization using company-wide ERP software and all resources are managed in a systematic manner.
EP (Enterprise Portal)
A service that implements a system so that one can carry out the necessary job functions through an individualized single interface – whenever, wherever – by combining an enterprise’s distributed data processing systems with management information such as HR and finance. This portal increases job efficiency by building and managing information system integration, data connection and customized menus.
BI (Business Intelligence)/CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
This service is comprised of BI & MDM service which implements overallbusiness information management system related to data access, collection, archiving and analysis and CRM service that consults and implements a customer management system to provide senior and middle management business information to support their decision making.
SCM (Supply Chain Management)
A service that provides an overall innovative activity for processes, systems, and organization which pursues improvements in customer satisfaction and profit maximization by supplying the proper products and services at the right time and place and at a fair price, through total optimization of marketing, sales, service, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, and development instead of partial optimization, for the entire supply chain ranging from ‘a supplier’s suppliers’ to ‘a client’s clients’.
MES (Manufacturing Enterprise Solution)
MES provides an integrated solution such as consulting, system implementation, and IT outsourcing over the entire manufacturing processes required by customers, including production operation, production automation, and production foundation.
PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) / PDM (Product Data Management)
Product information and manufacturing processes are managed for the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception to service and disposal. Integrated with engineering technologies, the PLM system ensures optimal product lifecycle management.