Why Infotronicx?

Our Extended Teams give our employees a sense of working for a large company, inspite of being a part of a mid size company. They are not just an “employee ID” that flits from project to project, client to client and team to team on the whims of some ‘resource allocation’ software. They work for the same client, with the same team members, year on year, with direct access to the senior team at the client’s end. They get all the satisfaction of working for a small company, along with all the benefits of working for a large company.

Our focus on our two key stakeholders – clients and employees, is unwavering. We have successfully kept the ownership of the company out of the day-to-day operations of the company. This allows us to take a very long-term perspective to our relationship with employees and evolve a fruitful association.

We have created a unique culture within the company that engenders a strong sense of achievement and bonding within our team. It abhors and stamps out politics. It lets meritocracy and a healthy feedback system prosper.

We have an extremely stable core team.

Help Ideas grow:

We know the importance of bringing in ideas and recognize that the best ideas come from innovators who believe in themselves. At Infotronicx, individual inputs at work level are highly appreciated. We empower our people to do what they want. We let people to be creative and productive at the same time

What we offer:

We uniquely combine professionalism and a social approach with a culture of responsibility for our employees that has developed over many decades. We offer:

  • Challenging tasks with clear directions and objectives.
  • Training under the best technical team in the industry.
  • Great opportunities for career advancement.
  • Competitive salaries reflecting domain knowledge, experience and achievements of the candidates.
  • The appropriate environment to grow and achieve career goals.
  • Respect for individual opinion and team building activities to boost team spirit.
  • Global exposure.
  • Work-life balance.